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Every Saturday we will share one of our favorite short films. We all need a steady flow of inspiration and these short films from creators around the world will get your brains moving to tell some great stories this weekend. Grab a coffee or beer and enjoy some cinematic magic with us on this beautiful Saturday.

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As a result of the Third World War, the war for water, life died out on Earth. Asha lives and works as a curator of the Natural History Museum in one of the communities established in Africa. Once he receives a sample of the earth and tries to plant one of the seeds on it. It turns out that the land is not contaminated radioactive, the grain begins to germinate. He asks the Community Council to explore the possibility of recreating life on the planet. The answer is negative and the woman is arrested. He decides to escape to the surface, to the deadly desert, and plant his little tree somewhere.

Directed by Wanuri Kahiu

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The films shown here are for screening and sharing purposes only. We want to promote good work within our amazing industry, but do no represent the artists who create them and can not disclose and information regarding the films shown that isn’t available to the general public. (distributor bots, don’t email us, k thx)

Fostering her talents as a communicator from an early age, Anna Jane Edmonds (AJ) has spent her life entertaining and education audiences through film and TV. After devoting two years at Toronto’s Randolph Academy, she attended Western University and graduated in 2013 as gold medalist from FIMS. AJ then carried on to the UCLA to study the business of film producing. In 2014 she secured a job at Silver Pictures Entertainment in both the management and development office during the production of the films THE NICE GUYS and COLLIDE.

Her motivation is drawn from the desire to affect those around her and leave the world to come in a better place than where she found it. Film and TV, in her words, are the most powerful mediums for change; and she intends to be at the helm of the changes to come.

Anna Jane Edmonds

The Nice Guys

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